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Charles A. Dyer, Esq.

Mediator • Arbitrator • Referee • Special Master

Personal and Catastrophic Injury

  • Four elderly plaintiffs sued manufacturer of ophthalmic microscope in products liability design defect action combined with action against hospital for medical negligence in failure to maintain the microscope which resulted in severe eye damage to each plaintiff caused by missing heat filter during cataract surgery.

  • Adult son and daughter, as conservators for their elderly parent who suffered from advanced dementia, sued major health care provider for medical negligence for administering an overdose of an antipsychotic drug which resulted in personal injury including diminished life expectancy.

  • Non-seat-belted plaintiff was rendered a paraplegic in a motor vehicle collision against major trucking company when second trailer of rig turned over and skidded into plaintiff’s lane.

  • Products liability action against manufacturer of plastic press sealing machine when machine recycled and that action trapped plaintiff’s left arm in press, causing severe burns and resulting in loss of left hand and forearm.

  • Products liability action against manufacturer, negligent assembly of retailer, and premises liability of physical therapy provider when seat of exercise bicycle being used by plaintiff, only a few days after having hip replacement, failed and resulted in injuries necessitating another hip replacement surgery with less than favorable results.

  • Physician suffered severe cervical injuries and sued county club golf course for failure to foresee and provide safety precautions against hazards when errant golf ball struck plaintiff, who was standing in his residential swimming pool.

  • Products liability action by teenage male plaintiff against manufacturer of hot pool lilter and premises liability against owner of hot pool when plaintiff’s hand was sucked into filter and held him under water before rescue resulting in mild traumatic brain injury.

  • Plaintiff was underground gold miner who was kicked in the head by defendant rancher during an altercation between plaintiff and rancher’s son outside a bar in gold country, resulting in the enucleation of the plaintiff’s right eye.

  • Elderly female plaintiff sued medical care provider for medical negligence after failure to remove surgical device in plaintiff after completion of surgery.

  • Premises liability action by plaintiff against owner of commercial building as a result of plaintiff suffering substantial injuries after falling through defective flooring during inspection of building for potential purchase.

  • Plaintiff, a middle-aged female, suffered electrical shock and significant injuries when plaintiff came in contact with exposed energized electrical line during remodel of plaintiff’s residence. Plaintiff sued general contractor and electrical subcontractor for negligence.

  • Dog bite action against owner of dog by plaintiff, an accomplished flute player, who suffered severe laceration resulting in substantial scarring to lower lip.

  • Plaintiff motorcycle operator sued major motel chain for negligence of employee in operating motor vehicle which side swiped plaintiff’s motorcycle resulting in major injuries. Highly disputed negligence of employee and whether employee was operating in course and scope of employment.

  • Plaintiff, a teenage male, sued motor vehicle operator for motor vehicle negligence in single car accident resulting in major abdominal injuries to plaintiff.

  • Plaintiff, a teenage male, was involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a single car rollover resulting in major injuries to plaintiff’s left arm and left leg.

  • Plaintiff sued major trucking company for motor vehicle negligence when defendant’s employee operating a truck and trailer collided with plaintiff’s motorcycle, trapping plaintiff under truck and dragging him a considerable distance which resulted in major injuries to plaintiff.

  • Premises liability action against taqueria restaurant when minor plaintiff’s arm was caught in tortilla making machine resulting in major injury to right arm.

  • Plaintiff roofer sued major electrical power provider as a result of plaintiff coming in contact with live electrical wire, which resulted in plaintiff being shocked and suffering severe burns to torso.

  • Negligence action against airport refueling contractor as a result of explosion in fuel pit in which plaintiff suffered severe burns to upper body.

  • Products liability action against motor vehicle manufacturer when, after single car accident, the motor vehicle caught fire and plaintiff suffered severe burns to torso.

  • Products liability and negligence action against manufacturer and renter of stump grinder which resulted in plaintiff renter-operator suffering severe injuries to his right foot.

  • Action against bar owners for failure to supervise and failure to train employees after plaintiff suffered severe injuries in altercation with bar employee.

  • Premises liability action against owner of office building, negligent hiring and supervision against janitorial service and battery action against individual when plaintiff was shot and severely injured by employee of janitorial service.

  • Products liability action against firearms manufacturer of .22 caliber pistol, manufactured to resemble a .45 pistol, when cartridge misfired with relative large fragment of brass entering plaintiff’s eye.

  • Plaintiffs, in separate cases under procedure of Swine Flu Immunization Act, developed Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rate neurological disorder, after being vaccinated with swine flu vaccine.

  • Motor vehicle personal injury action and fraudulent transfer of property against estate of defendant motor vehicle operator and executors of estate to establish and collect damages above the liability insurance policy limits.

  • Handled products liability action brought by plaintiff against defendant, pharmaceutical company focused on eye care products, alleging that the eye care product manufactured by defendant and used by a hospital in plaintiff’s care and treatment was contaminated and caused severe permanent damage to his eye.

  • Action against defendant attorney and law firm for invasions of privacy based upon private investigator’s investigation of plaintiff in a personal injury action.

  • Three plaintiffs alleged negligence against Napa Valley Winery (provider of picnic event) when plaintiffs were each injured as a result of a runaway stage coach that crashed when the whip (driver of stage coach) fell when climbing on rig and team of horses bolted.

  • Products liability action brought by plaintiff, an active duty serviceperson, against manufacturer of device used in training for recognition and survival of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attacks.   The device had a delayed explosion and injured plaintiff, who was in charge of detonating device.