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Charles A. Dyer, Esq.

Wrongful Death

  • Handled wrongful death action by plaintiff trustee of minor survivor in wrongful death action against large Las Vegas hotel and casino when decedents, plaintiff’s parents, were killed in a highly publicized fire.

  • Dispute between surviving spouse and minor son against defendant motor vehicle operator who struck and killed decedent as decedent was attempting to push his vehicle from snow drift. The case involved highly disputed liability of motor vehicle collision in blizzard conditions.

  • Surviving parents sued major hospital facility for medical negligence in wrongful death of infant child caused by administration of fluids resulting in fluid overload.

  • Dispute involving wrongful death of 13-year-old son as a result of bicycle-motor vehicle collision by surviving parents against defendant motor vehicle operator.

  • Products liability-wrongful death action against crane manufacturer (defective two blocking device) and crane supplier when decedent steel worker was killed when crane operator raised crane load past maximum height limit which severed headache ball cable, striking decedent.

  • Medical negligence-wrongful death action by surviving spouse and children against primary care physician lor failing to timely refer decedent to cardiac specialist. Decedent had fatal heart attack.

  • Products liability-wrongful death action by surviving spouse and children against manufacturer and supplier when decedent was killed in explosion when using compressed gas cylinder in scientific test.

  • Wrongful death-medical negligence action by surviving spouse and children against hospital district as a result of decedent being allowed to have and consume fatal amount of highly acidic shampoo while on suicide watch.

  • Motor vehicle negligence-wrongful death action against motor vehicle operator when plaintiffs’ 14-year-old daughter died as a result of pedestrian-motor vehicle collision.

  • Motor vehicle-wrongful death action by father against defendant pickup truck operator when plaintiff’s son died as a result of being thrown from bed of a pickup truck.

  • Wrongful death of developmentally disabled woman who was hit by train along tracks after gaining access to area through negligently maintained fence along right of way by railroad company and municipality.

  • Wrongful death action involving death of two daughters against operator of motor vehicle and against sponsor of charitable event for negligent supervision in regard to providing alcoholic beverages to minors.

  • Medical negligence-wrongful death action against decedent’s ophthalmologist for failure to timely diagnose condition or refer decedent, who was suffering from eye cancer, to specialist.

  • Wrongful death action against retail nursery as a result of decedent being struck by forklift being negligently operated by nursery’s employee.

  • Wrongful death action against tracking company when negligent employee truck operator drove vehicle across lane divider and collided with decedent’s vehicle in desolate area in the State of Washington.

  • Negligence-wrongful death action against airplane owner and operator where decedent glider owner and operator was killed in fixed wing aircraft-glider collision